Saturday, 2 July 2016

Fendi Faves - But why real fur?

Okay, I know even starting to write this post that it could be one that sparks a little conversation as obviously the use of real fur within fashion always does. During my university course I focused a lot of my work on the use of fur which meant looking into it in a little more detail. Now I for one absolutely LOVE everything about Fendi as a brand and of course I'm a huge fan of their amazing Bag Bug collections as well as everything that goes along side them..
But even as I was piecing together this image on Polyvore to initially post as a wishlist / dreamy accessories post, I was looking at the items & their prices and thinking to myself, why real fur? 

There are a whole heap of questions that come to my mind when thinking of real fur, to name a few - 
Is it cheaper to use? 
Do people see it as a luxury as they did decades ago?
Is it seen as a sign of class / money wearing fur?
If people knew exactly what happens to the animals for their fur, would they still buy them? 
Do people just prefer to not think of it & appreciate the product on it's looks & not actually what it's made from? 
Why is there such a huge debate about fur & not leather, when they are both made from animal skin / bodies? 
 Like I said, I have a lot of questions.. 

These are question's that I want to look into & find out for myself but I thought this post could be good & maybe see what others have to say? 
If you want to leave a comment about your opinion of this or can answer any of my questions, that would be great! 

Hope you're all well & having a great weekend so far! 


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  1. I love the bag bugs too but I hate they're made of real fur- many of the knockoffs on eBay are also made from real fur :( I've never bought one on this premise, but I think real fur is used because its more "luxurious" and possibly the colour is richer...