Wednesday, 27 July 2016

DIY; Miu Miu Style Pumps

Miu Miu pumps.. I can pretty much guarantee I am not the only one swooning over these beauties but at almost £400 per pair they are pretty pricey. I was looking at each of the Miu Miu lace ups & thought why not try out a little DIY instead.. 

What you will need: 
- Ballet Style Pumps (of your choice colour-wise & fabric-wise
- Two Meters of black ribbon 
- Two Meters of gingham ribbon
- Cotton Thread to match your pumps
- One Hand-Sewing Needle 
- Small Scissors  
Ballet Style Pumps - Topshop
Scissors, Thread & One Sewing Needle
Two meters of each ribbon (your's could be different colours etc. depending on chosen style)
Once you have all your supplies ready it's just a few quick steps..
Begin by folding the ribbon exactly in half & placing it on the mid-way point on the center back of the shoe.
Once in place, simply sew the ribbon in place and repeat each stitch two/three times to ensure it is tight & sturdy.
Once all stitched, trim off any loose cotton ends & repeat on the second shoe. 
As you can see from the images obviously my DIY is not an excact copy of the Miu Miu pumps but I really loved the red ribbon bows already on my bought pumps so wanted to keep that there.
If you want to try something even a little more special you could also try out adding some super sweet charms to the ribbons as some of the Miu Miu shoes have.. Cat's on ribbons, why ever not?
Let me know if you try out this quick & easy DIY for yourself!? 

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