Thursday, 30 June 2016

Let's take a little look around.. Home Comforts

I was having a think all about my blog the other day & thought although I post mainly about what I'm wearing it could be pretty nice to share a little look into my 'personal space' ..

I'm pretty obsessed when it comes to buying homeware & will pick up things from anywhere and everywhere when I have the chance. I also have a lot to thank my friends for when it comes to cute/quirky pieces for my bedroom from previous Birthday & Christmas presents, quick hint - they know I love anything pineapple themed haha!
First off.. Pretty peonies, pugs & of course pineapples! 
This little section is located on my work desk in the room, quite a lot of the little pieces have been gifts including the green Sunnydip Pineapple candle (that smells of the most delicious pineapple sweets) as well as the gold pineapple pot too! 
My boyfriend got me the two little pugs (which are actually salt & pepper pots) & I picked up the NYC card whilst there last month.. Of course I had to display a photobooth pictures & my Miu Miu sunglasses as well. 

Moving on to my make up / getting ready area.. I keep quite a bit of my make up on this vintage silver cake stand as well as a few retro looking pots which have my brushed/lip liners etc. in! 
I also have the amazing pink pineapple pot which was another present which I keep all my eyeliners, mascara's & eyebrow tools in.I then have another vintage cake stand, this time glass with some jewellery pieces laid out on. 
From the images you can see the rest of my bits & pieces such as perfumes, my polaroid camera and my other pair of Miu Miu sunglasses, once again that stunning pink velvet case of dreams has to be on show for sure!

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes! 
I keep all of my clothing items on each of the two rails, although they may need a little dust from time to time.. I really love having all of my clothe visible & almost on display so I can see and choose what to wear each day. I also have recently started sticking each of my polaroid images onto my plain white door, I had a whole heap of photos with nothing to do with them so I thought why not pop them up and see them daily. As well as the photos of course I have a little bit of fluff including my two Charlotte Simone scarfs, my pink mongolian fur collar from Topshop & my new super cute fluffy cap which I bought from dreamy fashion blogger Pie & Fash!

The last little section I'm going to share is.. Books & Bunnies.
I always love know what books people keep near their bedside whether its for ascetic reasons or actually just their fave books. One of mine is most definitely Alexa Chung's IT, even after a few years of it been out now. I also love mine so much as it's actually signed after meeting her last year, making it super special to me. I also have a few fashion books too as well as a Jo Malone candle which was a Valentines present from my boyfriend! 

The rabbit lamp is 100% my favourite thing in my entire bedroom, I've had it for almost two years now after spotting it in Debenhams the first ever time I met up with my boyfriend after we met on holiday. I never bought it at the time but two weeks later I just had to go back as I couldn't stop thinking about it! I knew it would be a piece I would treasure and know I will keep it no matter where I live!

Do you have a particular way you like to lay out your personal space or happy to have things any old way as long as they are there? Also, let me know what your most treasured item is as I love knowing all about peoples favourite pieces, especially if they have stories behind them!

I hope you're all well! 

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