Thursday, 25 July 2013

Unlikely Icons; Hey Lolita Hey

Today's 'unlikely icon' is the novel/film Lolita although the story is pretty old its still an intense read/watch.
If you don't know of the story is kind of a twisted love story between twelve year old Lolita and a much older man. I was watching the film the other week and all I could think was how good Lolita's characters style actually was, this got me thinking it could be good idea for this unlikely icon post.
(the are two versions of the film hence the different actresses below) 
Lolita has kind of became famous for the red heart shaped sunglasses, I didn't want to just blog the same so swapped for these red cat eyes (you can see in the image that she actually has cat eye sunglasses so I'm still on track). The high waisted bikini feels really retro especially with the floral print, then a simple pair of white shoes and a pretty hat.
Mum jeans are a huge trend at the minute, adding this vintage black belt just gives it even more of a 90's feel.
Just a plain blouse as she is wearing in the images& I loved these ballet style shoes as the give quite a childish feel to the look since she is only twelve.
I stuck to the crop and skirt from this look, however I haven't styled them as matching pieces, I think the almost neon yellow in the skirt make the look very bold however adding the black shoes&satchel keep it from looking to over the top.

all items show are from Polyvore, 
however if you want a certain link just leave it in a comment and I'll soon get back to you.


  1. I love these looks you've put together, you've done them really well. My favourite is the middle one, but I love the shoes in the last one. where are they from?


    1. Ah thank you!
      The shoes are from Topshop, their velvet to, have a little look on their website, thanks again for such a nice comment! xx