Monday, 17 September 2012

OOTD; Tartan Shirt& Midi Skirt

I think midi skirts are a good Autumn piece as you can mix them up with a few different things. Tights sometimes don't look quite right due to where midi skirts sit, but I think socks can work well instead. Also ankle boots are always a winner with midi skirts too, I think Autumn is a good time to leave your ankles out even if they are left feeling abit chilly, especially with the English weather anyway, I think ankles would fall off if they had to fight our winter weather. I got this shirt for just £1 from a charity shop, it looks a bit like a pyjamas top but it actually isn't.. Mind you pyjama are meant to be on trend at the minute to.  
Skirt; Peacocks
Socks; Topshop
Shoes; New Look
Hope you are all well&enjoyed the weekend. 


  1. You look so so lovely. I love the entire outfit. I have those exact same socks from Topshop, but I have lost them :( I'm sure my sister has nicked them. I only have them in red now. So annoying when one looses their favourite socks.

  2. i wish i could wear midi skirts..! i looove your top, and a bargain price at £1!! x

  3. Love the shirt with the midi, your right they do look weird with tights but Sep/Oct is the perfect time for them <3

  4. I think I'm going to be wearing the hell out of my midi skirt these season too! They are SO versatile! Love this look and the socks and sandals. All I need is a tartan skirt now!

    Gemma x