Sunday, 5 August 2012

DIY Cosmic Shorts

So, unless you've been under a rock for the past few months you'd know cosmic/galaxy print clothes are huge right now, along with everyone else I wanted a pair of cosmic shorts but they were all pretty pricey for what they actually are, so I thought I'd have a go at making my own..
I was looking for some fabric paints but they worked out about £10.00 for three colours.. This is where my inner DIY brain clicked on and I thought NAIL VARNISH .. 

What You Will Need; 
# Denim Jeans, Shorts. (Any item really?)
# A range of nail varnishes (plain, glittery, metallic, bit of everything)
# A sponge (make up one will do)
# Water 
# Paintbrushes (one that can get ruined)
# White paint. 

1) Make sure your shorts are placed on something that can get splashed.
2) Simply start splashing on your varnishes, randomly or you can be very careful and precise if you wish. (I splashed and splatted mine using the paintbrushes and poured straight out the bottle).
3) Using your white paint create circles in random places of the shorts to give the moon effect.
4) Repeatedly do this in layers until you are happy.. Use the sponge to make your varnish last longer.
5) Let them dry and then look like a cosmic sky when wearing them.. 

I got these shorts for £1 from a charity shop and just cut them, also I think a light colour denim would work just as well if not better? So for about £2.00 and nail varnishes which I already own, I have my very own cosmic shorts. 
PS, Maybe do this outside or in a well vented place as the smell is quite strong! (It is thundering where I am today so a smelly nail varnish room is what I have) 
Let me know if you do have a try, Hope you are all well/


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