Thursday, 30 August 2012

OOTD; Peter Pan Collar& Speckled Jumper

Sorry I havent uploaded for a while but I've had to upload this post on my phone as blogger wasn't letting me upload pictures, is that just me?
Anyway, Just another AA dress image (I seem to post it all the time). I was on tumblr and spotted a outfit I really really loved, I didn't want to outright copy it so I came up with this instead.. it was probably much cheaper to.. 
I hope you are all well!
Jumper; £2.00; Charity Shop
Peter Pan Collar Blouse; £2.50; Charity Shop
Dress; American Apparel; £40-ish
Black Tights 
Velvet Ankle Boots; £16.00; Matalan 
Necklaces; London& Ebay. 


  1. You look so awesome here. I totally love that jumper and the eye necklace too.

    About your photos. The reason blogger won't let you upload them is because you have reached the limit on the max amount you can add freely to your blog. You need to go on your picasa photo album. Just go on google type in your name and the word picasa and you folder will come up. You can delete any photos you don't want on there. But make sure not to delete ones that are on your blog or black empty spaces with show on those blog posts. Hope this helps. Or to make life easier you just pay £2 I think for some extra space on your folder, which I think is great value for money.

    1. Ah thank you so much Anna! You've saved me a lot of time sitting been grumpy thinking why it wont work hah. Thank you! xxx

    2. You are most welcome. I hope you get it sorted soon x

  2. this is so cute :) i very nearly bought those boots the other day, you've made me wish i had!

    Laila x