Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bleach Happy.

Now I know everyone is hitting the whole DIY bleaching thing hard so I decided I wouldn't do this post as a DIY, there are so so many good ones already available online which would probably be more understandable than if I were to write one out so, I thought I'd tell you about my clever money saving idea ££ instead.

I left my job about two weeks ago now, so its all about budgeting my money, obviously I'm going to still buy a few odd bits but I have a lot of clothes I don't wear which I thought I could re-work so I love them and can't wait to wear them .. Bleaching is a cheap/quick option of how to re-vamp clothes.
Any bleach will do and the are three main methods; 
/All over bleaching 
/Tie Dye Bleaching
The denim jacket above has been in a few posts already on here, I found it for £1 in a charity shop, it's real Levis however its a man's size large.. so I've always felt abit manly when wearing it but you know for £1 I couldn't complain, so I got my trusty bottle of bleach and tried to bleach it all over to a light pale denim..
This didn't actually work out as I wished but I like what has happened much much more! It's gave me a kind of tie dye/un-even effect all over which I'm pretty happy with.. I feel like it looks abit more feminine now to+looks alot more I hate to use words like 'indie' and 'cool' but I would feel alot more confident wearing this now.
I also had abit of bleach left of so I thought waste not, want not& popped in this plain lilac t-shirt which I bought from M&S for £6.. obviously you could find a plain tee in a charity shop which would be even more of a saving? But I just rubbed it in a tiny bit of bleach and rinsed it, its looked kind of cosmic when I first took it out but the bleach was quicker than I was at washing away the colour so bleached abit more than I wanted. After I dried it I studded round the collar area using just six studs and then used scissors to de-constructed the fabric in various places just for abit of a difference really.  
So really, I have created a new top&a new jacket without spending anymore money than before..
I'm pretty glad with how the garments look, I'd say it was an hour well spent, maybe give it ago yourself? 



  1. Such great results!! Very inspirational right now after seeing these. I have so many long sleeved M&S t-shirts just like that one you have, I should stud and bleach some of them too.

  2. I really like how your M&S tee turned out! I've been meaning to try out a little dye experiment but I can never bring myself to brave the potential mess afterwards! xx

    1. Thank you. Ah I know, the jacket still smells of bleach now hah. Just try and do it outside otherwise your house smells like the swimming baths. xx