Saturday, 21 April 2012

Four Favourites; Clothing

This week I've been such a bad blogger.. I haven't blogged since last Sunday. (BADDD) 
I was getting abit bored of my own outfit posts and it became abit of a routine, I want to make posts worth reading +I've been stupidly busy and not just with work which makes a change. So, I thought for today as a change I'd do a 'fave things' kind of post. None of these are new buys or recent but I wear them so often and thought I'd share them. To be honest you might of seen them on here before but still..  
All of these things are pretty old now, I got the studded pumps from Topshop but have a look on ebay and places like boohoo as EVERYWHERE are doing them now, much cheaper to. The tassel jacket I got from ebay for £18.00 but it was originally £50.00 from Topshop. My leopard coat was Topshop to for about £90-ish in the winter, &this denim shirt which I wear as a dress was my nans .. We'll say vintage hey? 
Promise I wont be missing for a whole other week, Hope you're all well. 


  1. Forever wishing i had a leopard print fur coat and studded pumps! xo