Saturday, 16 April 2016

Archive by Alexa Chung

Of course we all seen this blog post coming.. Archive by Alexa! 

In Wednesday's post I briefly wrote about ordering the Eliza Dress from the Alexa archive collection for Marks and Spencer & so thought it could be nice to piece together a little post fully devoted to this. Although I did only order the one dress online, I may of made a trip to the closest Marks & Spencer store near by and bought the Harry Blouse yesterday.. 

Eliza Dress | £45.00

Harry Blouse | £35.00 

As the Marks & Spencer's closest to me is pretty big I did initially think they may have a few of the Alexa pieces in stock however when I got there they actually had the whole collection with so so many sizes left. When I was paying at the till the lady said that they had received double stock of the Alexa pieces and had placed all the remaining stock out that afternoon so once it was gone, it was 100% gone.. 

In terms of what I think of the collection as a whole, I actually think it's really great quality & fits really lovely although I have seen a few posts on social media of people not agreeing with this. 
The prices I also think worked out really well as they were pretty much just normal M&S prices.
I've also spotted some of the items listed on eBay already for literally double their original prices, 
it's crazy what a limited edition item can do haha!

(pink or white was the question.. pink of course!)

I'm not completely sure if any of the items will still be available online at the M&S website as you're reading this, but right this second whilst I'm writing, they currently have a lot left and a whole range of sizes. To click through to have a little look the link is here.

I hope you're all having a great weekend so far! 

Also, be sure to let me know what pieces you picked up from the collection if any, or even just your faves from seeing them online etc. 



  1. I looooove the Eliza dress so much, I've seen it on so many bloggers and it's just gorgeous! Xx

  2. Such gorgeous pieces! Glad you went back for that top <3

  3. I love the Eliza dress, I need to get myself together and have a look at the whole collection!