Thursday, 30 July 2015

OOTD; Palm Playsuit

palm / banana leaf playsuit | h&m | £29.99

The banana leaf / palm print / the whole topical trend has really hit heights this summer and I am obsessed! I blogged about my palm tree trousers a few weeks ago, (you can see that here), 
&I think every single leaf print item I've seen since then, I have had to buy. 

So far just this month my palm themed purchases were; this playsuit and the matching print blouse (also h&m) .. a Lavish Alice cape (which I wore for my graduation) as well as a phone case. Now I know that probably doesn't sound a lot, but when they are all hung up together on my clothes rail (minus the phone case of course) it kind of looks like I'm planning on a trip to the jungle or just really really love the colour green. Three weeks into the month and 'ta da' I've bought myself the items to create a camouflage wardrobe. 

I seriously do love the whole palm trend& certainly won't be stopping any time soon.
Are you a fan of this trend? Or just not your 'cup of tea'? 
Hope you're all well.


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  1. love this look- and trend! I bought a palm printed notebook at the start of the year which is still, sadly empty, but I hope to fill it with plenty of wonderful thoughts in November once I hand in my dissertation!
    Meanwhile I can't wait to see what this cape looks like :)