Thursday, 18 June 2015

Keeping Things Updated; Final Fashion Shows All Round..

I wanted to put together a kind of 'what I've been doing post' in terms of university and final year shows. As part of a trip with university we got to attend Graduate Fashion Week, the day was seriously so interesting, tiring but interesting none the less! We got to see the final catwalk show which was made up of twenty five graduate collections that had been voted the best. There were some really lovely collections and quite a few interesting ones which made it really fun to watch, its funny how you instantly compare peoples work and how long they have probably spent on each tiny detail of a garment for it to just be on a catwalk for thirty seconds or so. Whilst we were at Graduate Fashion Week I had my first ever 'fan girl' situation after spotting Susie Bubble from across the catwalk, I seriously love her blog and her sense of style too. 
With the end of the university year coming up (hence Graduate Fashion Week), it also means its time for final year fashion shows all around each university, college etc. including me! My final year show took place just last night and I thought I would share just a few photographs of my work and final collection. 

Although I have briefly said about my collection in a blog post before it was never in very much detail . I based my collection on the concept of Granny Chic, taking a lot of inspiration from the Advanced Style blog. I wanted to create garments that were very fun yet extremely oversized and could compliment either a older woman who wanted to seriously stand out from the pensioner crowd or a younger market such as myself who wished to look a little bit quirky and original in extremely oversized garments. My colour scheme included a lot of pastels as well as huge amounts of faux fur, pom pom's and PVC which came from the initial idea of granny's rain macs for those gloomy days.
Other parts of my final year show included showcasing other parts of my classes work. I included some of my illustration work as well as my styling and photography of which I had photographed my mum in my handmade garments. 
I think the shoot was quite quirky since she was sitting in a empty bath tub wearing bright pink rubber gloves& sunglasses.. not a typical Monday night in my household. I was actually really proud because my class decided they wanted one of these photographs to be on all the fashion show tickets! Meaning once someone bought a ticket my photography would be for everyone to see, as well as my mum in her fancy pink marigolds..
Since it's time for my to now venture into the big wide world of work and the 'real' fashion industry I thought it was about time to start getting a bit more serious with how I represent myself.. This meaning I have finally got around to all those little 'ah I'll do them next week' things on my to do list. 

So far my CV has been updated, I'm carrying my portfolio around wherever I go that I could meet somebody, I finally have a set of business cards and last but not least.. Contact Lenses!

I only usually wear my glasses for driving but recently my eyes have been getting worse.. I thought I since I may be getting job interviews/interning etc. that eyesight it probably a big deal.. 
Plus now I can actually wear sunglasses without feeling like the whole world is just one big blury place..
Sorry for how much of a chatty/blabberly blog post this has been but I hope you're all well.


  1. Awesome post with cool pictures, thanks for sharing :)

    I have a new outfit post on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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  2. omg I love Susie Bubble! I probably would fangirl as well if I ever saw her irl haha
    I think Graduate collections are much more interesting than mainlines sometimes, just in terms of techniques and silhouettes :)