Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Never Say No; Expensive Inspiration

Recently I've been having one of those times were you want to dress like all the other people you see online, in the street, on blogs (etc.) rather than actually having to wear the clothes in your own wardrobe (all those ones you suddenly despise no matter how much they cost, even if they were bought just a few weeks ago). 

Now I'm not sure if this is just a phase that only I go through but I'm hoping not, anyway whenever I start doing this whole "I neeeeeeeed new clothes" routine, I like to create kind of mood boards // a source of inspiration that I can look at and think how can I adapt the clothes I already have to create my own take on these kind of outfits. 

I know that will probably sound like the most boring thing in the world to some of you but I find it quite fun (sad, I know) plus I also manage to save a bit of money by re-styling what I already have meaning I can buy a few new, maybe slightly more expensive items. 

Anyway I thought I'd share this mood board with you& what it has made me want to buy/ try to recreate with my current clothes.

miu miu coat // here
lavin coat // here
shrimps // here & here

Coats are my downfall, I have a stupid amount of them although to be fair to myself I do get a lot of wear out of every single one, actually one in particular is my pastel pink topshop faux fur that I bought a year& a bit ago now. The coat isn't so much faux fur, just kind of 'a little bit fluffy' (great material description for a fashion student there). Anyway its safe to safe I've had my wear out of it for the £100 that I paid and there's only so many times that I can keep getting it dry cleaned, hoping some sort of miracle will happen in there and make it look just as new as I very first bought it. 
I'm going to start having a good look round into a new pink coat that I will get just as much wear out of, &can finally give my current one a little break / retirement. 

burgundy&black // marks and spencers 
grey // whistles
I find that wearing a hat instantly makes you feel as if you've put a lot more effort into an outfit, kind of just finishes a whole look off properly.
I've had the same fedora hat which I wear none stop for a good while now, although I have been on the hunt for a new one none seem to be the new 'the one', for example they are always to big for my head, they make my face look huge, not the right colour.. fussy I know but the fedora hunt goes on.

This is something I want to try out a little bit more, usually with a patterned skirt I would wear a plain top, maybe with a texture however I want to start being a bit more adventurous, by adventurous I mean maybe the odd stripy top with a leopard skirt rather than a plain blouse.. nothing too wild.

Anyway, I hope this post is something a little bit different & that you are all doing well.


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  1. I go through the opposite phase where I constantly lust after something new to spice up my wardrobe (which leads to splurging oops!) but lately I've been cycling through my old stuff and trying to come up with new outfits
    I like your strategy of making moodboards to think about the stuff you already own

    plus I think it's safe to say everyone wants a Shrimps coat this season :P