Saturday, 18 October 2014

Wishlist; Pastels & Cats

If anyone would of said a year ago I would be obsessed with pink/pastels I would never of believed them, but the trends of this year seem to of really wore off on me & suddenly I'm addicted to dressing top to toe in pastels/different shades of pink, hence this very colourful wishlist post..
Olivia Burton Watch | link | asos | £37.00 on sale
Cat Clutch | link | new look | £20.00
Lilac Coat | link | £65.00
PVC Skirt | similar on eBay
Miu Miu Sunglasses | link | £££

I created this wishlist before I made a Missguided order, &found pretty much the exact same lilac coat for much less at just £40.00, you can see it here.
I'm so happy with it because I've wanted a lilac coat for such a long time 
& love the cocoon style shape too.
Hope you're all well.


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