Sunday, 17 August 2014

A more likely icon; Back To Alexa

Recently I've been looking at myself & most days thinking "what the hell are you wearing Hollie?" .. 
(that as well as my boyfriend thinking one of my pvc skirt's was actually a carrier bag when I took it out my suitcase last weekend)... which isn't really the best. 
This got me thinking about how I used to dress& how much its changed.
Alexa Chung was the first person I ever looked up to as an idol, so to say. I always remember seeing a photograph of her in a embroidered white top& geek chic glasses& tumblr and instantly loving her from that day. Although I would never copy a look, I do want to start dressing a bit less 'walking rainbow like' & more sophisticated again. Therefore whilst most twenty one years old are out getting drunk on a Saturday night, I'm sat in, browsing through the many pages of Polyvore creating looks based on Alexa's style that could inspire me, as well as ordering a mass of breton striped tops at the same time, obviously.
bag  | here
striped top | here
quilted bag | here
book | Alexa Chung IT
loafers | here
What I love about Alexa is how effortless she looks yet know it probably isn't just any old dress she's threw on that morning.. Stripes and denim could never be done wrong.
I love these furry loafers, so much I think I'm going to try to create / post a DIY post based on them soon, so keep an eye out for that.
patent boots | here
ruffle top | here
skirt | here
metallic bag | here
fedora hat | here
Classy crop tops; I think crops can be hard to wear without showing a tad to much skin, I recently seen a photograph of Alexa wearing a ruffle crop similar to the one above with a midi skirt too, shoulders or knees but never both could be a new rule, like boobs or legs yet a bit different.
oversized camel coat | here
dress | here
leopard clutch | here
grey socks | here
chunky loafers | here
Camel coats, clutches and chunky shoes.. What more can I say.

Dress like a pilgrim on the outside and a whore underneath. — Alexa Chung.

Hope you're all well& enjoying the end of summer.



  1. I adore this post! alexa was one of the first kinda fashion muses I had too, her style is always so perfect. I love all these sets you have put together, they are totally alexa inspired. have you read her book?

    1. She must just be one of those 'idols' that makes you want to dress like a better person,
      &yeah I absolutely love her book. How about you? xx

  2. I love Alexa's style, she's truly an inspiration! xx

  3. i'm in LOVE with the second one, the midi skirt is so so beautiful!