Tuesday, 15 July 2014

OOTD; Peacock Kimono

kimono | eBay from a vintage shop | £70.00
I've recently come back from a girls holiday in Greece& I'm not quite sure why is it but whenever I have a holiday abroad I suddenly want to start buying all kinds of boho ankle bracelets& dream catchers, when usually that isn't really my style. Anyway, I spotted a girl in the airport coming home wearing the most amazing floral velvet kimono, so sent my friend over to ask where she got it from, she said River Island so naturally, I went hunting high&low for it but could not find it anywhere. 
This made me think why not just try& find a genuine vintage kimono for pretty much the same price. 
As always eBay had the answer to all my kimono dreams with this velvet&peacock one.
 I think kimono's are such a good clothing item to have as you can wear the most boring outfit (like here) but then adding a kimono just instantly makes it look so dressy. 
I even bought I pair of jeans today to wear it with, so I now have one pair of jeans in my entire wardrobe, pretty big step for me.
I hope you're all well.


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  1. Ever so pretty! Im sure a big fan of crop tops and midi skirts at the moment! Love this look, the kimono is gorgeous! x