Monday, 31 March 2014

Somewhere a little different.

Today's blog post is a little bit different to usual just as I think endless pictures of outfits can get a bit boring. I visited Leeds this weekend with two of my friends& really loved it. I think its such a pretty little place with a lot to do. 
(We went mainly for a night out and a bit of shopping).

For nights out a lot of websites recommended Call Lane, there was a mixture of bars which were all quite indie & that kind of scene which I really liked it, in particular a little Hawaiian theme bar (just above call lane social club), you even got a free flower garland making the perfect flower crown of course. 
Or, in case you fancy a cocktail rather than a tequila shot, I'll mention the Alchemist (quite a few, not just in Leeds) which involved a lot of popping candy& a bubblegum milkshake for myself.

For shopping the main high streets has a wide mix of high end &designer shops however I'm a big lover of vintage shops&once again the Call Lane area had more vintage shops than you could possibly wish for. As well as this there was a small record fair being held in what looked like a old church/building (here's where most of my photographs are from), once in there we found a whole load of smaller vintage shops all offering the loveliest of things from Alice in wonderland cups to 60's sunglasses. 
Personally I think Leeds has a lot going on& kind of regretting my choice to stay at home for uni when such cute little places are only a train ride away, I've already got my mind set on owning my own shop there one day but who knows. 
Hope you're all well& enjoyed the weekend.


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