Friday, 1 May 2015

OOTD; Just Not Mine..

Waxed Coat / Farah
Shirt / Farah 
Shoes / Dr Martens / Adrian Loafers 
Grey Coloured Socks 
Sunglasses / River Island 

I thought I'd do a bit of a different post today as what I had planned would of meant two of my outfit posts on the run.. &I'm not to sure everyone would be that keen on seeing my face over and over again.

I was with my boyfriend last weekend and took this photo of him (instantly thinking that would make a good blog post) but since he doesn't have a blog I thought I would share his outfit for him (even though he will probably cringe at this). 
Personally I think men's outfits are always nice to look at because it can sometimes be a bit harder for them to look different however tiny details can make a big different, something like a patterned sock with loafers, or a tie pin etc. 

The coat was something I picked up just shopping one day&was such a steal, it's the brand Farah & was less than £20 in a sort of vintage shop. I thought it was so good for a coat that would probably cost around £100+ bought brand new& to be honest it looked absolutely brand new so I'm not sure it was even worn beforehand. I think I got good girlfriend point for picking up such a good bargain for him, or I didn't then I definitely should have. 
Something a bit different for a post anyway, I hope you're all well& maybe let me know what you think of sharing other peoples outfits on here as well as my own.
Thank you.


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  1. I love the different take, despite there being heaps of female personal style blogger, there are less menswear equivalents and something editors look for I guess? I dunno, I just like it because I am also going through a phase of photographing others I meet at events for my blog xx