Monday, 2 February 2015

OOTD; Jeans& A Furry Bargain

top | topshop sale | £20.00
black jeans | primark | £15.00
shoes | new look sale | £8.00
watch / olivia burton & necklace / alex monroe

The trend of faux fur hit me hard this winter& I'm pretty sure some days I've looked like a bit like a giant walking fur blanket. 
That in mind I've decided to start dress a bit more, lets say 'slightly sophisticated', I've been though the 'all I wear is pink' stage now& really did love the pastel colours over winter but I'm going to start wearing a little bit more black every now and again. 
Let's be honest I'm never going to not wear a pastel colour but I think blending in a few more 'plain Jane' items into my wardrobe/outfits could be nice. 

 I have never really being one to wear jeans however after buying these plain black ones pretty cheap in Primark, I've found them really great for when I just want something a bit simpler to throw on, as well as being able to dress them up. I'm slowly warming to the idea of jeans& now even own two pairs! 

Anyway, I really loved this top when I first seen it in Topshop except they didn't have my size, it was also at full price which I would of happily paid, however a few weeks ago I spotted it again in the sale this time& it was actually my size too, which made me a very happy girl.
The only thing I hate about the Topshop sale is how you can literally guarantee something you pick up will have another persons make up stain on it, or maybe that's just me being unlucky.. 

I hope you're all well &not to cold in this wintery weather. 


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