Wednesday, 3 December 2014

If Money Was No Matter; How I'd Dress At Christmas Time

Today has been an icy cold day & I though what better to do on my day off than have a cosy day in eyeing up a lot of clothes on Polyvore that I couldn't afford due to the Christmas present buying ordeal. Ever single year I just see things and buy them without thinking of prices, this is great when you see somebody you care about loving & being genuinely happy with what they have received however my bank balance isn't looking to healthy at the moment. 
Anyway, when could be better to swoon over a heap of designer things than when you're pretty much poor..

The first outfit is a kind of day/casual look, filled with Charlotte Olympia item's, I absolutely love her brand at the moment& think she's got it so right when it comes to quirky accessories. I've even been one of these crazy competition people as she is running a twelve day kind of fruit machine style event online in which you can win bags & even her famous cat face shoes. 
Every morning I'm eagerly at my computer ready to use my three spins for that day.
The second look is a kind of meal out/drinks outfit, After loving this lip print dress for what feels like years I finally found out the designers name after spotting her in the ASOS magazine this month.
I never thought I'd be such a huge fan of girly pastel clothes but I can safely say I adore them& Alice McCall as a designer.
My final look is a party/going out look, the dress is from SheInside and then I went a little overboard with the Charlotte Olympia accessories (once again), I'd wear this outfit with bright red lips and nails to tie it all together perfectly.

I thought I'd post a few bits of my uni work whilst writing this also, mainly just to share what I've been up to recently. My final line up is now complete which means a busy few week of pattern development before creating the first garments after Christmas, I actually am so excited to get making the items now& can't wait to see how they'll look in real life and not just an idea in my head/ on piece of paper.
I hope you're all well. 

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  1. absolutely love the Alice Mccall dress- and Charlotte Olympia accessories too ;)