Thursday, 10 April 2014

DIY with a difference: Flower Food Crazy

For Christmas I received a cook book which showed how to use edible flowers within cooking, I'm still yet to make the cake I wish to but, I came across a little magazine article about making flower food not just in cakes but frozen foods to. Firstly is Flower Ice Cubes, I think they would be perfect for a summer garden party or even just to make a drink look pretty.
Here is the article to share the instructions& my attempts of flower cubes:
Flowers that can be used : Violets, Geraniums, Jasmine, Pansies (what I used), marigold, Cornflowers & Carnations.
Pansies which I washed thoroughly then removed each petal ready to place into the frozen trays, 
(one third of a way). 
The flower cubes before adding more water&refreezing.
Once the ice cubes are completely frozen (I left them overnight), then you can use them in whatever drink you like. I went for water& some cute pink party straws.
Let me know if you give flower ice cubes a try& I hope you're all well!