Sunday, 25 March 2012

I heard she broke your heart again..

Just a few pictures today.. I did take pictures for a outfit post but they turned out really bad (it was getting a bit dark to take them). Anyway I ordered this skeleton canvas tote off Esty. It hasn't came yet but its the first thing I've ordered from out of the UK so fingers crossed it actually turns up. I've also really wanted a hat so I seen this pretty lilac one of Topshop and couldn't help but buy it, I'll have to see what its like when I get it, hopefully it won't look stupid. The flowers are in IKEA which I then edited, I think IKEA is one of my most favourite places.. Sad I know, &the other two images are myself. The UK is having a lovely sunny weekend this week so I'm going to get some outfit pics which I'll put up tomorrow or Tuesday..
Hope you are all well. 


  1. I love the skeleton canvas tote bag :)
    I was just wondering where did you get your jeans/leggings from? They are lovely!
    I love Ikea too, it is a definitely one of my favourite shops as well. I love all the show rooms and the swedish meatballs in the cafe! :) xx

    1. Oh thank you so much, they are from New Look for about £12, but have a look on eBay because you can get them abit cheaper. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves IKEA haha, the food is the best bit xxx